Preservation Through Relocation

Moving St. Gerard’s Church from Buffalo, New York, to Atlanta, Georgia, is a journey like no other.

True, it is a pioneer effort to preserve one of America’s great architectural treasures.

It is also a journey that represents a singular moment for metropolitan Atlanta, for the nation and for the Catholic Church in terms of architecture, engineering, aesthetics and education, historic preservation and demographic history

But it is more than a journey. It is a pilgrimage. On this pilgrimage, it is the church itself that is moving.

The “preservation through relocation” of the magnificent basilica-style structure has received support from both communities and from the outside, including the Archbishop of Atlanta, the Bishop of Buffalo, the Archbishop of New York, local and national preservationists, architects, builders, former St. Gerard’s parishioners and present parishioners of Mary Our Queen.

While these supporters have their own special reasons for supporting this project, the central fact of the relocation will always be that this beautiful building will continue to exist for the worship of God in a way that transcends the limits of time and space – even the 900 miles between Buffalo and Atlanta.

With your help, an American monument will continue life as a center of spiritual vitality and growth, a symbol of love for God and the unflagging human spirit.

Without your help, the church will sit vacant at the corner of Bailey and East Delavan in a fading neighborhood which Catholic residents have largely departed. The church’s almost certain fate there, amid the harsh elements, is deterioration, decline and, eventually, destruction.